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Properly used, hypnosis connects us to our power to molt or shed limiting beliefs and behaviors that no longer serve us. We need no longer dwell in the (subconscious) past, the old skin of beliefs and fears that choke our life force, but can come to live fully in the present, free to manifest our authentic power, goals and purpose.

People Breaking out of their Shells - Hypnotherapy

We all share the Wheel of Life. Birth, Life, Diminishment, Death, Rebirth; Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring again.

As the Wheel turns in our physical life on earth, so it does throughout the lives of our consciousness. Observe the wheel of life in common childhood ideas. Consider the belief in the Tooth Fairy's literal existence and her practice of gathering baby teeth from under pillows and replacing them with coins. This childhood idea and all the others like it were born innocently, they thrived, suspicion crept in, and these ideas died. There was disenchantment. Ideally, belief in the magic of life was reborn, maybe in the awareness of a blooming rose, or the observation of the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly. Ponder how the snake's skin lives and protects, then as the snake grows, its skin ceases to "fit" and the snake must "molt", or shed the ill-fitting skin that once served it well, and give birth to new skin."

Carl Jung said "We are only as sick as what we are afraid to look at." We've all resisted expanding our awareness at times, subconsciously, automatically and innocently, thus manifesting misery and "stuckness", an inability to molt or shed our limiting and fear-based beliefs.

Hypnotherapy - Image of PeopleWe get stuck and disconnected from our ability to keep our wheel of life evolving. We manifest this stuckness in our painful fears and phobias, sorrows, stress responses, addictions, compulsions, even physical manifestations of illnesses and erosions of our immune systems. These patterns get "born" and creep into their place in our lives. You could say they take on a "life of their own" designed originally to protect, serve, or respond to us in some way like a protective "skin", then clinging on long after they cease to fit causing all forms of human suffering.

Hypnosis does not extract our pain and suffering. It invites our subconscious to yield to an expanded awareness of what's fueling the "life" of our pain and suffering, and thereby creating freedom to let it go and learn from it. It's tapping into the inner wisdom, guidance, and strength that is within us all, within all of nature, all of life. This wisdom is the same wisdom that tells the snake to molt, or the caterpillar to transform into a butterfly. This wisdom is our inherent birthright. It was the unfortunate training of our minds, often the innocent absorption of distorted messages in childhood and throughout our lives that disconnected us from this trustworthy inner source, and thus, from our true selves.

As a certified hypnotist and trainer of hypnosis, I am honored to inform people of their amazing healing inner wisdom and to use my expertise in hypnosis to facilitate their connection to it. Hypnosis expands the L.O.V.E. (Listening, Observing, Validating and Empowering) in your consciousness. Whether your goal is to lose weight, quit smoking or abusing substances, manage stress better, resolve compulsive behaviors, or to simply explore and expand your awareness, the uses of hypnosis is virtually unlimited in nature.

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"Life isn't a problem to be solved; it's a mystery to be experienced" Carl Jung