Bringing about change needn't be uncomfortable.

Work in your comfort level at your pace.

Call for your consultation and evaluation.


Master Stubborn Habits
- Quit Smoking, Lose Weight -
Experience Clear Choices
- Eliminate Anxiety -
Realize New Possibilities
- Release Worry , Confusion -
Awaken Psychic Pathways
- Feel Freedom, Enlightened -

Regression Therapy

Expand Awareness of Self
Receive Clarity and Purpose of Being
Explore Levels of Consciousness
Create a Dialogue With Physical And Psychic


Dispense Energy Properly
Learn Calming Techniques
Learn Healing Techniques
Develop All Aspects Holistically

Energy Manipulation

Clear Emotional Disturbances
Align Meridian Pathways
Stimulate Cell Rejuvenation
Scan the Energy Fields


Intuitive Guidance

Dispose of Limiting Beliefs
Redirect Inspiration
Realize Your Earthly Purpose
Develop Creativity

John Poginy, CHt, CI Email: poginyj@gmail.com Expanded Awareness Hypnosis Center – Flagstaff, AZ