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is a relaxed, alert and aware altered state of consciousness characterized by a heightened responsiveness to suggestions and guided explorations. A professional hypnotist is someone skilled in a broad repertoire of methods of inducing the hypnotic state in a client, as well as in developing protocols, scripts, guided imagery, and suggestions for the enhancement of clients' well being. It is not sleep. If there is a conscious desire for hypnosis to be effective and the suggestions are in line with a person's true values, then change is very likely to occur.

Almost anyone can be hypnotized. The depth of the trance varies among individuals, but research shows that progress and healing occur as a result of light trance hypnosis as well as it does with deeper trance hypnosis. The depth of the trance is not important.

Hypnosis - HypnotistHypnosis can also be intentionally self-induced. I conduct self-hypnosis workshops to employee groups and other kinds of groups. When a group of people that work together learn and use these skills together, there is a significant improvement in employee morale and productivity, a reduction in burn-out and turnover, and more self-mastery leading to improved communication channels and more fulfillment at work and in life.

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