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IMG_0004 (2) (617x640)Hypnosis can be extremely valuable in all realms of our lives. Whether you are seeking to resolve childhood traumas, release addictions and compulsions, or any self-sabotaging emotional and/or behavioral pattern, find more inner peace or improve your golf game, expanding your awareness or consciousness is the key to getting "unstuck" in any sphere of human experience. Expanding awareness leads invariably to an expansion of options. If your desires and goals are in service to your wholeness and well-being, and in alignment with your true values, hypnotism connects you to your inner healing wisdom, guidance and clarity.

I am certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists as a Hypnosis Instructor. I invite those in the helping and health professions, or aspiring to be, to call and discuss group and individual trainings and certification options with me. Incorporating the skills of the facilitation of hypnosis and hypnotherapy into your "helping efforts" will greatly enhance your effectiveness. Call or email me to learn more.

I also offer training in self-hypnosis for enhanced self-mastery. I specialize in working with small companies or teams within companies, providing in-house workshops on self-hypnosis, relaxation and mindfulness for increased morale, ease, productivity and efficiency in the workplace and in life. This workshop has been proven especially useful among sales teams, and other high-stress working environments. Call me to discuss scheduling a workshop with your group or at your place of business:

John Poginy, CHt, CI
Email: poginyj@gmail.com
Expanded Awareness Hypnosis Center - Flagstaff, AZ