About Hypnotherapy ORG

The last few years have brought about great awareness and attention on the practice and uses of hypnosis. Much has been achieved to advance the public's understanding of its benefits.  The right hypnotherapy can help with weight control, eliminating sadness, fears, phobias, addictions and more.  Mainstream media have produced and featured numerous clips, which are available on the web.  Medical institutions have, in print and practice, tied themselves to its powerful potential.  Although hypnotherapy has been met with some skepticism in the past, it is finally recognized as an effective therapy and is currently used in many countries throughout the world.

Anyone can benefit a great deal from a hypnosis session, even if only to experience its calming and relaxing effects.  The experience can be described as a guided daydream or the achieving of a calming and deep meditation with amazing and predictable results. It is in this hypnotic state that a person can experience transformation. Imagine feeling free of worries, unwanted thoughts, concerns, and fears. Imagine having that enjoyable state of mind.

The process is simple. The hypnotist will assist the individual or group of individuals to enter hypnosis by using an induction. There are many styles of inductions, and they generally consist of a series of repetitive statements that suggest relaxation.  It is important to note, it is only the individual who can allow him- or herself to relax and enter hypnosis. All hypnosis, therefore, is really self-hypnosis. The hypnotist merely guides the individual in the process.

 Using this receptive and unique state of mind, it is possible for the hypnotist to assist an individual in realizing his or her own ideals and map a means to achieving them. It is this state of mind where one can identify the origins of stymied emotions, poor habits, and errant beliefs. From there, one can regain the whole power of self. When this happens, the conditioned existence is revealed. Once this is uncovered, one can begin the real work: erasing fears and phobias, regaining control of weight, establishing emotional balance and sense of well-being. This is also key in developing intuition skills, removing the blocks from the sixth sense and knowing one’s true nature.