Amazing and Predictable Results Naturally

Anyone can benefit from a hypnosis session. The experience can be described as a guided daydream or the achieving of a calming and deep meditation with amazing and predictable results, without medication.

The process is simple. Your hypnotist will assist you by using an induction. There are many styles of inductions, and they generally consist of a series of repetitive statements that suggest relaxation.

You are aware during the whole process. All hypnosis, therefore, is really self-hypnosis. The hypnotist merely guides the individual in the process.

Hypnosis helps you gain control. Using this receptive and unique state of mind, it is possible for the hypnotist to assist you in realizing your own ideals and map a means to achieving them. It puts you back in the drivers seat.

Now you can begin the real work. Erasing fears and phobias, regaining control of weight, establishing emotional balance and sense of well-being. All this and more can be achieved naturally with the assistance of your hypnotherapist.

Quit Smoking

Lose the Weight and keep it off

Eliminate Phobias

Release Fears

Regain Youthfulness

Free yourself of Past events and Relationships

Find Inner Peace

Enhance Performance in Love and Work

Develop a Powerful Intuition


The results of hypnosis are often surprising…like resolving life-long eczema, for example!

I attended a seminar conducted by John Poginy early in November. What a day it was! I did not know what to expect before the day .began. John covered a lot of very interesting, deep, ideas/subjects. His style was informative and entertaining and got everyone involved by participating and role playing. I not only came away with a lot, but thoroughly enjoyed the presentation. The group hypnosis was a highlight for everyone.

I had the opportunity of 2 private hypnosis sessions with John as well. They were incredible. Very relaxing. I went to my favorite place, the ocean, while under hypnosis and was also able to relieve myself of a lot of stress. It was only a week later that I also noticed that my very severe eczema condition was healing. I have had eczema for 42 years and the last 8 years it had become very bad. To watch it heal daily since John hypnotized me has been an absolute joy. John taught me how to meditate and I am able to do that on a daily basis. Being able to take John's class and be hypnotized by John has changed my life. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Kind regards,

Fran C.

Total relief from debilitating chronic anxiety and panic attacks…

My name is Sarah C. and. I'm currently a 21 years old college student. I have had problems with anxiety since I was in third grade and panic attacks for the last seven years or so. It controlled my life not allowing me to attend doctor's appointments and dental appointments and gave me difficulty doing homework and attending class. I have seen psychotherapists and behavioral therapists over the past few years which helped me to deal with my illness. I was also medicated for awhile but have been offit for a couple years wanting to deal with my problem without drugs.

I was very wary of going through hypnotherapy because I felt like anxiety was a part of who I was. I wasn't quite sure I wanted to get rid of it. Through discussions with John and a workshop he did, I came to realize that anxiety was inhibiting who I really was from coming out. The hypnotherapy changed my life. I am happier and I feel free to do whatever I want. I don't feel like I lost a part of myself, but instead I gained a lot of what couldn't come through. One friend noticed my change and said to me "I am going to have to get used to you being happy all the time."

John also taught me how to hypnotize myself which helps me relax and refocus. I have not felt any anxiety or panic since the hypnotherapy despite being in situations I know would have driven me to a full-blown attack before the therapy. I feel a total relief, and it is amazing.

Sarah C.

Freedom to support my friend Nick's trip to the hospital

Hi John,

I wanted to e-mail you to tell you about a personal triumph the other day. My friend Nick had to go into the hospital to have a shot in his foot. I normally cannot go near a hospital without having a panic attack and subsequently pass out - even if it is a routine check up. Anyway, He really wanted me to go to for support, but I was nervous about going. Then I remembered I didn't need to be nervous because I was going to be just fine. AND I was! I had no panic and no anxiety. I felt so good that I was able to be there for him. It was fantastic.

Things are going great! Thought I would update you!

Sarah C.

Hypnosis to help manage pain…What a relief!

Hi! My name is Mariette and I attended one of John's informational classes last fall. John clearly explained what hypnosis is, and, is not, and how beneficial it can be for just about anyone.

Last month I went through shoulder surgery and am now receiving physical therapy. The recovery and therapy has been quite painful at times. I recalled what John had said about hypnosis and pain management and decided to give it a try. It has been such a great help! Working together with John I now use self hypnosis as he taught me to and can now handle the pain so much better!

My thanks to John for helping me initially with hypnosis and teaching me to help myself with self hypnosis!


A refreshing trip of love and awakening!


I just wanted to say thanks for the awakening classes and private sessions I had with you regarding the Source Integration. It was like a journey that reconnected me with forgotten and hidden thoughts and feelings. It helped put that old stuff into perspective. The sensations were vivid and the responses were like a refreshing trip of love and awakening. I very much enjoyed and recommend this metaphysical experience for anyone.

Jack M. Az

Freedom from Obsessive compulsive disorder!

My name is Dan C. I am a 17-year-old high school student. I've had OCD since I was little and it got increasingly worse when I went into high school. I went to behavioral therapy for over a year and I made some progress. We worked on small things and it was successful. When it came time for difficult parts, there was no success. I was frustrated and out of options (I thought).

The hypnosis was quick and easy. Going in I was worried about being focused because of my OCD, but John made it easy to relax and go into hypnosis. When I came out of hypnosis I didn't notice my OCD was gone, but it was. I can't explain how helpful it was. My life is so much simpler. John also taught me how to meditate and go to the same state I was in during hypnosis in case I had any OCD that returned. It has not returned. I also attended a group session that was very interesting and informative. John has changed my life for the better.

Dan C.

Expanded awareness through hypnosis helps resolve chronic neck and jaw pain.

I've had 3 private sessions with John Poginy to see if we could find the source of my neck and jaw problems.

These sessions helped me come to terms with past issues that manifested in my neck and jaw over many years. I still have neck and jaw issues, but I know where the pain is coming from and usually I can relieve the pain through self hypnosis. I would like to do more sessions when time allows.

I've also attended 3 of 4 sessions of one of John's classes and really enjoyed the process. It was enlightening, reaffirming and a lot of fun getting to know new people who also want to know more about enlightenment.

Kathleen Z.

Learning to relax and go deep inside through hypnosis resolves anxiety, insomnia and chronic worrying while expanding consciousness and creativity.

My name is Tim V. I attended sessions with John about a year ago. When I first started these sessions I had a lot of anxieties. I could never sleep and was constantly stressing about all types of minor thingsand situations. The very first sessions I learned how to relax and could sleep easier. I felt as if Ineeded to search for something deep like there was a certain way I was supposed to feel or react beforethe sessions. After the hypnosis I finally let go of that thinking and my anxiety left. It sounds funnybut that really was one of the first times I had ever been relaxed in my whole life. That's wheremeditation/self hypnosis came into play. Looking deep inside of myself and beginning to truly understandthings I'd never thought of before. It was very different than anything I had ever experienced. I was ableto let my guard down and looked deep inside. The more I attended your classes, the more profound thesubjects matter became and I became more intrigued. I especially loved the discussions. As my awarenessrose and I became more conscious of reality. I made lots of new connections that were unexplainable. I found it easier to express myself especially in my music writing. I began to see things in ways thatI had never seen them. After a year now, I'm still amazed at the things that happened to me and the waymy life changed when I started being aware and paying attention. I was always so stuck in the materialworld and everyday situations that I never stopped to realize the things that go on inside of me.

Tim V.

Thanks again.

Hey John:

I just want to tell you thank you so much for having introduced me to all of this stuff. It truly has made a significant impact in my life that I will forever carry with me. I am very thankful for having met you in my life. You definitely have one of the bigger chapters in my book. Thanks again.

Love and respect,

Tim V.

With simply a desire to heal, hypnotherapy can take the power away from your "skeletons" and give it back to you.

As a health care social worker, with a Master's degree in Social Policy and Administration, the idea of hypnosis was not one that I believed would be effective in assisting me to address personal issues. I was a 'willing non-believer' at best.As of late I had been experiencing a type of debilitating nervousness. At times it was so overwhelming that I was unable to function. Activities of daily living became mountainous causing me to be immobilized by fear.

John offered to help with hypnosis. I agreed to give it a try convinced that he would not be able to 'hypnotize me'. Much to my surprise he was successful and I was able to experience a method of examining my life from a totally new perspective. It is said that awareness is half the problem solved. Through this hypnosis session I became aware of issues I was holding on to that where causing me to get stuck and affecting many areas of my life. I was given the opportunity to get in touch with my pain, face it, speak to it, let it go and move on. That is not to say that I have not revisited my skeletons. However, I now recognize them when I see them and am much more efficient at eliminating the power that they hold on me. In other words, I now have the power.

I have to admit that I did not believe that I would benefit from my session with John. I was wrong. It was a very fruitful experience that taught me a great deal about myself. I recommend this to anyone who has a desire and willingness to heal. It certainly helped me.

G. Goulard MSW RSW


- John Poginy CHt CI

- Member, National Guild of Hypnotists

- Certified Hypnotist

- Certified Hypnotist Instructor